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  Some Headline Events in the History of Civilization I 
c.3000 B.C.     Pharaoh Narmer unites Upper and Lower Egypt.   
 c.2589 B.C.     Pharaoh Cheops begins reign.   
 c.2420 B.C.     Pepi II's death ends Old Kingdom of Egypt.   
 c.2378 B.C.     Urukagina of Lagash creates Sumerian empire.   
 c.2371 B.C.     Lugalzaggisi conquers Urukagina's empire.   
 c.2340 B.C.     Sargon I of Akkad, conquers Sumerians.   
 c.2230 B.C.     Sargon's dynasty overthrown by Gutaeans.   
 c.2100 B.C.     Legal code of Ur-Nammu instituted.   
 c.2040 B.C.     Egyptian Middle Kingdom begins.   
 c.1792 B.C.     Hammurabi becomes king of Babylon.   
 c.1732 B.C.     Kassites found dynasty in Babylon.   
 c.1720 B.C.     Hyksos tribes invade Egypt.   
 c.1595 B.C.     Hittites sack Babylon.   
 c.1570 B.C.     Ahmose I expels Hyksos from Egypt.   
 c.1500 B.C.     Aryans invade India.   
 c.1400 B.C.     Mycenaean Greeks destroy palaces on Crete.   
 c.1270 B.C.     Ramses II signs peace treaty with Hittites.   
 c.1200 B.C.     Mycenaean palaces in Greece sacked.   
 c.1087 B.C.     Egyptian New Kingdom overthrown.   
 c.1027 B.C.     Chou kings overthrow Chinese Shang dynasty 
 c.1000 B.C.     David captures Jerusalem from Jebusites.   
     753 B.C.     Rome founded.   
     745 B.C.     Assyrian Tiglath-Pileser III conquers Babylonia.   
     606 B.C.     Babylonians and Medes destroy Nineveh.   
     605 B.C.     Nebuchadnezzar defeats Pharaoh Necho.   
     550 B.C.     Persian king Cyrus II conquers Media.   
     539 B.C.     Cyrus II founds Persian empire.   
     525 B.C.     Cambyses of Persia conquers Egypt.   
     480 B.C.     Greeks repel Persian invasion of Europe.   
     333 B.C.     Alexander defeats Darius at battle of Isis.   
     323 B.C.     Alexander the Great dies.   
     311 B.C.     Seleucus Nicator occupies Babylon.   
     303 B.C.     Chandragupta defeats Seleucus I in India.   
     247 B.C.     Arsaces I founds Parthian kingdom.   
     221 B.C.     Shih Hwang-ti establishes Chinese empire.   
     216 B.C.     Hannibal defeats Romans at battle of Cannae.   
     214 B.C.     Construction begins on Great Wall of China.   
     197 B.C.     Romans defeat Philip V of Macedon.   
     146 B.C.     Carthage destroyed after third Punic war.   
     133 B.C.     Tiberius Gracchus is murdered.   
       71 B.C.     Romans crush Spartacus' slave rebellion.   
       53 B.C.     Parthians kill Marcus Crassus.   
       48 B.C.     Julius Caesar defeats Pompey at Pharsalus.   
       44 B.C.     Julius Caesar assassinated.   
       31 B.C.     Octavian defeats Anthony and Cleopatra.   
        9 A.D.      Germans annihilate three Roman legions.   
     200 A.D.     Han dynasty overthrown.   
     227 A.D.     Ardeshir I founds Sasanian Persian empire.   
     320 A.D.     Chandragupta I founds Gupta dynasty.   
     330 A.D.     Constantine I founds city of Constantinople.   
     410 A.D.     Visigoth king Alaric sacks Rome.   
     470 A.D.     Ephthalite Huns raid India.   
     476 A.D.     Last Roman emperor in West deposed.   
     581 A.D.     Sui dynasty established in China.   
     647 A.D.     King Harsha dies in India.   
     627 A.D.     T'ai-tsung becomes Chinese emperor.   
     718 A.D.     Suleiman fails to take Constantinople.   
   1214 A.D.     Genghis Khan captures Beijing.   
   1368 A.D.     Ming dynasty created after Mongols expelled.   
   1453 A.D.     Ottoman Turks capture Constantinople.   
   1644 A.D.     Manchus extinguish Ming dynasty.   
   1912 A.D.     Last Chinese emperor deposed.   
   1919 A.D.     First meeting of the League of Nations.   
   1945 A.D.     United Nations established.   
   1946 A.D.     War crimes tribunal held in Nuremberg.   
   1948 A.D.     Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

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