A Manifesto of New Dignity


Ours is a society where everyone is above average and, if they’re not, they are being discriminated against. Hmmm ...


We are the white people. We are the men. We are the people in America accused of hating. We are the demographic which will be a minority of that population by the year 2040. We are those ones against whom the tides of history are supposed to be running. We are asked graciously to accept our fate.

But we, too, have an identity. We are proud of the way we were born. We are proud of our forbearers. Who are you in the universities, the media, foundations, government, and religious institutions, so-called "elite" of the bureaucratic variety, to look upon us in a disparaging way? We do not accept your attempt to control our identity. This is our prerogative; and we mean to exercise it. You are not our master even if you think you are.

In the name of America’s residual population, we announce the coming of a time when our kind of people will also have dignity. We will have freedom to be ourselves. No forced integration or court decision can make us someone else. We need space to recover from what has happened to our country. We need to cultivate our own positive identity.

We must make sure not to use violence. We must strive not to hate, for our destiny lies in our own hands. No enemy can defeat us unless we ourselves permit this. Instead of blaming others, we will reflect upon our own situation and decide what is best. We will maintain good will toward all, wishing each the best, while defending our personal space from the encroachments of others.

So this is a manifesto of new dignity for those now dismissed who are determined again to be themselves. Our dignity as Americans, now lost, will soon be recast in a stronger form. Soon we will regain this country and live unmolested in our own home.

Four pillars of the New Dignity policy

1. Affirm and promote white identity
2. Get to the bottom of American political assassinations and the 9/11 tragedy
3. Put in place an immediate, permanent four-day, 32-hour workweek
4. Reform and strengthen the free-enterprise system

More on these principles


New Dignity Party's first campaign in Minneapolis in 2009