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                                                                                                        Bill McGaughey                                             John Butler                                        Jim Swartwood

Our candidates:

Bill McGaughey is a small-scale rental property owner on Glenwood Avenue, west of downtown Minneapolis. For sixteen years, he was the cost accountant at Metropolitan Transit Commission (now Metro Transit). He has written and published books on economic and political subjects as well as on world history. He is co-director of Metro Property Rights Action Committee and is on the board of Harrison Neighborhood Association. Last year, he was the Independence Party candidate for U.S. Congress in the 5th district of Minnesota, receiving 22,300 votes or 7% of the total. Bill is married with a daughter living in the Washington, D.C. area.

John Butler is a homeowner in northeast Minneapolis. Before that, he lived near Minnehaha falls for 29 years. He worked in building maintenance for the main Post Office in Minneapolis and was previously employed in house construction and remodeling in the Burnsville area. He has also worked for the Park Board trimming trees during a Dutch Elm epidemic. He has been a volunteer driver for Hennepin County, working with senior citizens and handicapped people. For the past three years, he has actively participated in a crime-watch patrol in northeast Minneapolis with the Guardians Angels as well as ride-alongs with the Minneapolis police. John is a bachelor.

Jim Swartwood is a rental property owner with properties in several parts of the city. He is co-director of Metro Property Rights Action Committee. He is also publisher of the Watchdog, a free-circulation newspaper distributed in Minneapolis that keeps an eye on abusive government. Earlier in life, he was a group supervisor at the Hennepin County Juvenile Center, working with troubled young people; and briefly with the Glen Lake Home School. He has extensive experience building and remodeling houses. Jim is single but in a happy relationship, and he has a grown son.


What they want to accomplish in office:

McGaughey (mayor): Hopefully, he can use his cost-accounting experience to cut costs in city government. He would limit inspection enforcement to building-related concerns (excluding police work), professionalize the department, and establish a complaint bureau to deal with inspections abuse. Generally, he would relax regulatory activity by the city so that people and businesses want to return. He would combine tough and consistent law enforcement with a greater investment in recreational facilities for young people, especially on the north side.

Butler (Park Board Commission): He thinks that the Minneapolis Park Board should encourage greater use of the parks by senior citizens. He would install shuffleboard courts and more picnic tables but also provide activities for seniors as in other countries. He believes that his background in building maintenance and his interest in law enforcement could be put to good use if he were elected a Park Board commissioner.

Swartwood (Board of Estimate & Taxation): Believing that low taxes are a precondition to economic growth which the city needs to solve its financial problems, he would look for waste in government and try to keep property-tax increases to a minimum. Pork-barrel projects and dubious functions such as the city’s “problem properties unit” would not enjoy his support.


If Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) eliminates him, who does the candidate recommend to be listed as #2 on the ballot:

McGaughey (mayor): Papa John Kolstad, Independent Civic Leader

Butler (Park Board Commission): Nancy Bernard

Swartwood (Board of Estimate & Taxation): DeWayne Townsend


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