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more writings on topics of interest to this political party


Regarding race and identity:

Announcing a new political party - a statement on race and identity (also linked to 1st page)

Are Americans too broken for the truth to set us free? by Bruce E. Levine A compelling analysis of the problem

Four principles regarding personal or group identity How to be yourself successfully

Five Pillars of Personal Pride Anyone can become proud of himself or herself in these various ways.

Proposed party platform on race and identity

Credo of a “white dignitist”

Americans as "racial cowards" some personal experiences

Trying to make sense of how we got to this place in race relations

Trying to get to the Heart of What I Believe about Identity Politics The new paradigm of identity relations that drives New Dignity Party

Mugged by reality Am I wrong about racism in Minnesota?

The Dilemma of Today's "Progressives" They Can't Openly Advocate their Programs without Alienating Many Voters

An electronic conversation about Identity It soon gets personal.

The roots of white self-hatred The black race as a metaphor for disadvantage an external web site on the subject of personal and group identity


Regarding abuse of power by local government in Minneapolis:

A letter to Mayor Rybak of Minneapolis (also linked to 1st page)

Letter to the news director of a local television station on whether this year's election is a "done deal"

A letter to Lee McGrath of the Institute for Justice, Minnesota chapter

About Don Samuels, "slumlords", and crime a discussion in the Minneapolis e-democracy forum in August 2009

Why Some People Leave Minneapolis a discussion in the Minneapolis e-democracy forum in October 2009

Link to the archives of Minneapolis Property Rights Action Committee more than 150 documents related to abuse by local governments


Regarding biased reporting at the Star Tribune:

How the Star Tribune slants political news (also linked to 1st page)

Hate speech and murder: a comparison of news coverage in the Star Tribune

The Star Tribune's biased reporting in the 2002 Independence Party primary correspondence with the newspaper's publisher

The Star Tribune's biased reporting in the 2008 election for Congress in the 5th District a chapter from a book

Coverage of the 2009 Minneapolis Mayor's Race The lesser known candidates are "fruitcakes".

Link to "Our Love/Hate relationship with the Media"from a landlord perspective



A scheme to mix politics and the arts (or, Democracy might come to the U.S.A. through Leonard Cohen's music)

A dispute over political signs posted near a community garden

Bill McGaughey's campaign website for Congress in 2008

In defense of being a perennial candidate

about world history (Five Epochs of Civilization)

a collection of writings on identity independence


RACE WARS: A debate in the U.S. E-Democracy Forum under the heading of “Lefty Incitement” (March 27, 2010 to March 31, 2010) - finally, after the election, a real debate of racial issues

On “political correctness” and “white privilege” Two white men make themselves loathesome to Minnesota's politically correct crowd

On leaving the Forum or being kicked out

Whether the Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group a discussion in August 2010

Whether the Tea Party is an authentic grassroots movement or a Republican front a discussion in November 2010

BAD WHITE PEOPLE What passes for a debate on race in Minnesota



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