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Meet Bill McGaughey, a candidate even more radical than Bernie Sanders *

See my report on the 2016 campaign for President in the New Hampshire primary

Post mortem - some further thoughts on race


The candidate left to right: at O'Hare airport in Chicago, a selfie taken at home in Minneapolis, in Red Square, Moscow


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* Meet Bill McGaughey. In terms of economic policy, he advocates a free-market approach to job creation conditioned on one government intervention - amending the Fair Labor Standards Act with respect to working hours. In this coming age of robots when human labor becomes increasingly superfluous, a society of leisure and a more balanced labor market is the only arrangement that makes long-term sense. We need less bureaucracy, less education, less litigation, less pharmaceutical prescription, less gambling, less financing, less environmental degradation, and less preparation for war, and more free time for people to spend as they themselves choose.

McGaughey’s free-market approach is better than Bernie Sanders’ “democratic socialism” (which is a reinvigorated New Deal) and Sanders’vision is better than Hillary Clinton’s vision, which is mostly about her. To a large extent, we are living in a totalitarian political system where business and government power are fused, business being the senior partner. See where the Big Money goes in this campaign.

The Republicans have some good candidates but they are beholden to an ideology of war, tax cuts for the wealthy, mass deportations, and unwavering support for the state of Israel regardless of what its government does. This is not our better future.

Issues of gender and race loom large in this and other political campaigns. There is a crisis in white racial identity that undermines the national spirit. Middle-aged whites are the only group in the United States experiencing lower life expectancy. Instead of expressing current attitudes about race (e.g. "white privilege") over and over again and expecting a different result, Bill McGaughey believes that a new effort should be made to affirm the dignity and self-respect of white people. Join him on walks with that theme.


Bill McGaughey says: I have three planks in my presidential campaign platform.

1. To bolster productive employment and minimize further damage to the environment, I propose federal legislation to create a four-day, thirty-two hour workweek as soon as possible.

2. I support dignity for white people, especially white males. This plank does not require government action. All that is necessary here is for white people, individually and collectively, to embrace their racial identity in a positive way. Go on a walk with other white people (or with anyone else who wants to join us) in the spirit of solidarity. During the campaign, I will myself implement this action in each community that I visit. I will go on a “white man’s walk” and invite other interested persons to come along for as long a time as they want. Let's talk about race, gender, the state of politics, or anything else that comes to mind.

3. Defeat the Trans-Pacific Partnership. But, this time, consider positive alternatives. Trade can be used as a tool to improve people's lives, not just enrich international traders or enforce pharmaceutical monopolies. I proposed something in 2004 and will do so again in this primary campaign. It will be big. It will be bold. It will be beneficial for everyone.


Note: I have a track record in running for president in a Democratic primary. This is my second time. In 2004, I finished fifth among seven candidates (the others better known than myself) in Louisiana’s Democratic presidential primary, with 3,161 votes. I also wrote and published a book about this experience. While the vote total may not be impressive when stacked up against the major candidates, my 2004 campaign for president in Louisiana was significant in that I ran on a single issue, opposition to free trade, which has come center stage in this year’s presidential campaign.

In the 2004 campaign, I presented an alternative trade policy: employer-specific tariffs based on an importer’s labor and environmental record. (See my position paper.) Today, the leading contenders in both political parties are opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the latest free-trade agreement. I was ahead of my time. I had something to say then - still do. I'm not just against the present trade system but am proposing a constructive alternative. What are the other candidates proposing?

Now I have another ahead-of-my-time proposal which, strangely enough, bears a striking resemblance to something that the U.S. Senate passed in 1933, that Richard Nixon advocated in 1956, and that Eugene McCarthy and I published a book about in 1989. Maybe in the second decade of the 21st century the time has actually come to get this done. Hint: It has to do with good, productive, high-quality jobs. It also has to do with increased personal freedom and a better life for all. We need to talk about it.


"I'm fine with being excluded from the candidate debates. I'm not into political satire and am not focusing on our broken political system. In my view, if our elected officials addressed the real problems that we are facing, the American public would start to take an interest in politics and would show up at the polls and we could fix the political system. Right now, we need to inject fundamentally new thoughts and ideas into the political discussion. That's what my campaign is about." - Bill McGaughey


about the police shooting of Jamar Clark in north Minneapolis on Nov. 15, 2015


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***** Post mortem - some further thoughts on race *****

See my report on the 2016 campaign for President in the New Hampshire primary

On the campaign trail: Bill will be leaving Minnesota for New Hampshire in early January to campaign actively in that state for 5 weeks. Send an email with contact info to if you want to communicate with him during the campaign.



Note: Fund raising will not be a significant part of this largely self-funded campaign. However, campaign donations are welcomed. If interested, send a check to: McGaughey presidential campaign, 1702 Glenwood Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55405.

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