Walk for your dignity


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White people, don't be angry, don't be afraid. This world may be filled with lies and hate but you can do something about it.

All I ask is that you take a walk with me. Take a walk with other white people. Identify yourself plainly and be of good cheer.

This simple act of walking together will wash away sins. All the negativity directed against the white race will be expunged.

After that happens, our community can be healed.


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While the act of walking with me does not imply consent to any particular set of ideas, I wish to reveal my motives:

1. No one needs to be ashamed of how he or she was born. There is no such thing as racial guilt, historical or otherwise.

2. Differences in political opinion should be about policies that can be changed, not about voter identities that cannot be changed.

3. It is not healthy for America's majority population to be disparaged as it has been. This is a prelude to economic exploitation.

4. Whites are paralyzed by the fear of racism. We need to recover our capacity peacefully to complain about injustice and do something about it. We need a greater sense of solidarity.

5. Walk for companionship. Walk for health. Can you not spare a few minutes to walk and talk with me in this political season?

Bill McGaughey