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for those of us who feel that Richard Nixon's presidential administration was not so bad.



Although Ronald Reagan's ideas and personality now dominate the Republican Party, Richard Nixon was a less ideological and more complex political figure with a broader range of interests. He stood in the progressive Republican tradition. In this age of bitter partisan division, let's speculate what a President Nixon might have done had he lived to see this day. He had enemies but also many good ideas.

Jimmy Hoffa voted for Nixon; and, yes - the national press were pigs.


The Democrats are great at articulating problems but seem unable to propose solutions beyond what was tried in the New Deal. They are inordinately focused on the politics of gender and race. The Republicans are stuck in a conservative quagmire of "no new taxes" (at least not upon those with the ability to pay) and neocon militarism. They have done far too little to help working men and women. We need new thinking and a new kind of political leader who can avoid those traps. Although Richard Nixon is no longer with us, his example may help point us in the right direction. Real wages have shown a downward trend since Nixon left office. Working hours have not dropped. The national debt has soared. We have also had way too many wars.

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Eighteen issues proposed for a neo-Nixonian platform that include the following points of decision:

decision #1: for more international cooperation and less unilateral use of military force,
decision #2: for job creation through reduced work hours rather than government deficit spending,
decision #3: for tax increases targeted to the wealthy to keep the federal budget in balance,
decision #4: for the deficit problem to become a priority,
decision #5: against the dualistic world view of the Civil Rights movement which in its contemporary manifestation blames “racism” and “white society” for our common problems,
decision #6: for federal legislation to increase paid leave and maintain standards of humane treatment in the work place,
decision #7: for environmental protection and resource conservation as new economic imperatives,
decision #8: for a compromise policy on illegal immigration suspending deportations while requiring employers of such immigrants to pay a surtax to help cover the increased social costs,
decision #9: against the abusive use of building inspections and police by local governments,
decision #10: for a new, independent investigation into the events of 9/11,
decision #11: against political correctness and its violation of free speech,
decision #12: for ending the war on illegal drugs and funding more treatment programs,
decision #13: for a greater federal role in insuring or providing health-care services,
decision #14: for greater regulation of the financial-services industry,
decision #15: against free trade, for the use of tariffs to promote improved labor and environmental standards around the world,
decision #16: against the cruel deception of young people who are being urged to take out student loans to go to college and prepare, often, for nonexistent jobs,
decision #17: for a crash program to reduce traffic congestion in urban areas, and
decision #18: for a crash program to develop technologies that will help sustain human life in outer space.

(Of course, we do not know if Richard Nixon would have supported this particular package of proposals; it's a guess.)



President Nixon bids farewell to staff and supporters after his resignation speech:


comparing the crimes of Watergate and 9/11

What is a political progressive?

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Richard Nixon’s previously undisclosed acts of random kindness


Bottom line: The crimes and betrayals of recent U.S. government officials are far worse than what Richard Nixon did. Despite his Watergate mistakes, Nixon was a conscientious and loyal American whose historical reputation deserves an upgrade.


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