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*** ***** *** ***** *** ***** *** ***** *** ***** *** ***** - "Take Back Your Time" network, sponsor of the annual Take Back Your Time Day and chief promoter of minimum-vacation legislation in the United States - Shorter Work Time network, an organization formed by the "Our Time Famine" conference at the University of Iowa in Iowa City in 1996. Phil Hyde's website on the use of time to adjust emploment to work - The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) have a project to promote shorter working hours - an international network to promote shorter hours, centered in Australia. People for a Shorter Workweek Its mission is to educate companies and the general public about the many benefits of working a shorter workweek. Founded by Jeanette Watkins. - new theory of world history with emphasis on predicting the future -reviving the tradition of Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Theodore Roosevelt

See also: How U.S. capitalism might end - historical speculation on how financial collapse in the United States might be followed by a leisure-based society



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